Cleaning: Apply solvent emulsion cleaning steel look to reach the removal of oil, grease, dust, smoothing agents, and similar organic matter, but it is non-removable steel appearance of rust, scale, welding flux, and thus the corrosion produced only as adjuvant trick.


  Rust removing: first use a wire brush and other things to look polished steel, remove loose or tilt of the oxide scale, rust, welding slag. Hand open tools rust can reach Sa2 level, power stuff rust can be reached Sa3 level, if the outer steel skin attached to solid iron oxide, rust something unsatisfactory results, up anchor pattern depth of less than anti-corrosion construction requirements.


 Acid Pickling: Common chemical and electrolytic pickling two ways to do disposal pipeline corrosion using only chemical pickling can descaling, rust, old coatings, and sometimes used as a disposal again after sand-blasting. Chemical cleaning is important in allowing the appearance of the inevitable arrival of cleanliness and roughness, but the anchor pattern shallow, and easy on the case of forming pollution.


  Shot blasting: Spray (throwing) radio rust is the result of high-power motor driven spray (throwing) radio blade speed reverse, so that grit, steel shot, wire segments, minerals and other abrasive under the centrifugal effect on steel appearance were spray (throwing) radio disposal, not only can completely eliminate rust, oxides and dirt, and steel in the fierce impact and abrasive friction effects, but also to reach an average roughness needs.