Q345D spiral pipe production has strict operational procedures and manufacturing processes, Q345D spiral steel pipe outer diameter of about 30 nm and an inner diameter of about 10 nm, about 11 nm from the adjacent spiral. From 10 nm fiber spiral of nucleosomes 30 nm constituted as crude fiber. Q345D the DNA spiral steel pipe six times the length of further tightening by the DNA protein filaments dense clusters of nucleosomes constituted by a hollow cylindrical structure consisting of a spiral, it is the second structure of chromatin.


High frequency lap welding method welding, Q345D spiral steel pipe for transporting pressurized fluid spiral seam high frequency welded steel pipe. Strong pressure steel, Q345D spiral steel plastic, and easy welding and machining molding; general low pressure fluid transport with spiral submerged arc welded pipe (SY5037-83), the choice of double-sided or one-sided initiative submerged arc welded into the legal use water, gas, air and steam low pressure fluid conveying submerged arc welded pipe.

Q345D spiral steel pipe and specifications Category: pressurized fluid delivery line with spiral submerged arc welded pipe (SY5036-83) is mainly used for transporting oil and natural gas; pressurized fluid transport with spiral seam high frequency welded steel pipe (SY5038-83) .

Generally Longitudinal production process is simple, high production efficiency, low cost, fast to carry out. Strength Spiral pipe Longitudinal generally higher than, can narrow the billet production of large diameter pipe, you can also use the same width of the billet production of different pipe diameters. Thus, the choice of most of the smaller diameter pipe straight seam welded, large diameter spiral welded pipe for the most choice. But straight seam tube compared with the same length, add weld length of 30 to 100%.