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Spiral pipe cleaning method

九月 19th, 2017|

  Cleaning: Apply solvent emulsion cleaning steel look to reach the removal of oil, grease, dust, smoothing agents, and similar organic matter, but it is non-removable steel appearance of rust, scale, welding flux, and thus the [...]

Several types of spiral pipe fracture occurs under normal circumstances

九月 18th, 2017|

 Spiral steel pipe according to the situation after the destruction of the material, breaking roughly divided into three types, namely: cleavage fracture, tie troglobites anti-fracture, slip surface separation fracture.  Cleavage fracture along a section strictly [...]

Some notes during Spiral steel pipe production

九月 15th, 2017|

Spiral steel pipe in the production process, should pay attention to the following questions: 1, oiled marking: the inspection and approval of spiral steel pipe oiled operation to prevent corrosion, and marking according to customer [...]

How to prevent the spiral steel pipe factory steel products surface decarburization

九月 14th, 2017|

Spiral pipe manufacturers - processed look decarbonization doubt, the key in the heat treatment step. Because oxidation and decarbonization and wire are carried out simultaneously, thus, during the heat treatment as long as possible and [...]

Anticorrosion spiral steel pipe production methods and classification

九月 12th, 2017|

anticorrosion spiral steel pipe main categories: Common forms of corrosion spiral steel mainly 3PE anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion epoxy cement mortar and coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion.

Performance of large-diameter spiral pipe

九月 11th, 2017|

In the steel standards, depending on the usage requirements of the tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point elongation) and hardness, toughness index, as well as user requirements of high and low temperature properties. Mechanical properties of large diameter spiral pipe is:

Q345 (16Mn) steel spiral mechanical properties

九月 8th, 2017|

Q345 (16Mn) steel spiral good mechanical properties, low temperature performance can, good ductility and weldability, is used as the low-pressure vessels, tanks, vehicles, cranes, mining machinery, power plants, bridges and other structures to withstand dynamic load, mechanical parts , building structure, usually of metal structures. Hot-rolled or normalizing the status of use, it can be used in various structures above -40 ℃ cold regions.

How to increase stability of spiral steel pipe

九月 7th, 2017|

small and medium sized steel, wire rod, rebar, in diameter steel pipe, steel wire and wire rope, etc., can be expected in a well-ventilated storage shed, but it must be on the thatch underlay.

APL 5L Spiral Welded Steel Pipe for Water,Gas and Oil Transport

九月 6th, 2017|

APL 5L Spiral Welded Steel Pipe for Water,Gas and Oil Transport.DATANG STEEL PIPE CO., LTD is a Chinese wholesaler that export to global markets. Our workshops are equipped with advanced processing and testing instruments including the X-ray detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, hydrostatic testing machine, tensile testing machine, metallographic analysis meter, etc.Please feel free to contact us,Email: info@datangpipe.com

SSAW DSAW Spiral Welded Steel Pipes

九月 5th, 2017|

SSAW DSAW Spiral Welded Steel Pipes Mark & model  :  Diameter: 219mm~3620mm; WT: 5mm~26mm; Material: GrB~X100; Used for the transportation of gas, water and oil in petroleum and natural gas industries. Both onshore and offshore [...]