1. anticorrosion spiral steel pipe main categories:

Common forms of corrosion spiral steel mainly 3PE anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion epoxy cement mortar and coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion.


2. anticorrosion spiral steel pipe main features:

3PE preservative mainly against corrosion for the oil and gas pipelines, as oil and gas pipeline corrosion requirements of high parity, 3PE anticorrosion pipeline generally allows life to 30 years – 50 years.

Anti-corrosion epoxy mainly for drinking water pipes, since the epoxy resin is a raw material is not toxic, it is also often known as non-toxic and water pipes. IPN8710 corrosion spiral steel pipe corrosion more types of media, an acid, alkali, salt, oxidants and water vapor, the coating must be chemically inert, acid salt corrosion, the coating should be compact structure, water permeability, adhesion , tough fullness.

Cement mortar corrosion mainly for sewage pipeline corrosion, since the corrosion of water for less demanding, as long as you can extend the life of the pipeline, cement mortar corrosion lowest cost.

Coal tar epoxy is mainly for large diameter spiral pipe, since the 3PE anticorrosion ships more than 1 meter in diameter when it is difficult to construction, but to take coal tar epoxy. Coal tar epoxy coating according to their function into the use of coal tar epoxy primer and two kinds of coal tar epoxy paint.


3. Note for spiral steel pipe corrosion

Construction time should check whether the contact groundwater and rainwater pipes if water pipes come into contact with the rear of the jacket pipe made dried. During the installation of the pipe at the same time, it should be done with care, prohibit impact and fall. Insulation prohibition and burning fire pipe insulation collide prevent insulation burned off. Pipe fittings should be stored in a relatively flat ground, neatly stacked, stacking height of not more than 1.5 meters.


4.anticorrosion spiral steel pipe main purposes:

Mainly used for underground or underwater steel oil, gas, water supply, heating spiral welded pipe wall corrosion, also applicable to all types of steel structures, docks, ship, locks, gas tanks, oil refining and chemical equipment corrosion waterproof and anti-leakage of concrete pipes, sewage tank, roof waterproof layer, bathrooms, basements and other concrete structures.